Benefits and Features of Angleport choke tubes

Benefits: Improved Patterns.

Features: No other choke tubes include the number of features found on Ballistic Specialties heat-treated, stainless steel choke tubes:

Ballistic Specialties was the first company to make chokes to the exact bore of the gun. By matching the choke to bore exactly, the shot charge has the smoothest path possible through the barrel.

All chokes are EDM labeled with the exact amount of constriction visible outside the gun barrel. This eliminates confusion. You don't have to remember any type of coding system or remove the tube to know exactly which constriction is in your barrel.

Bore diameter is also in etched on all chokes. This too eliminates confusion and insures that you will always know which chokes can be used in a particular shotgun.

Ballistic experts agree that a parallel section in a choke tube helps produce better patterns. All Ballistic Specialties choke tubes feature a parallel section up to one inch in length. now offers online ordering for custom choke tubes! We now offer the convenience of secure online ordering for our high quality custom choke tubes you've known for years.

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